Thursday, September 1, 2011


There will be a showing at St James Corner(
1219 1st Street SW) pub in Calgary for the month of September! Once again PARK has done a great job with connecting art and the community!
For more info on St James Corner, check out their twitter @stjamescorner
For more info on PARK, you can also check out their twitter @ourPARKonline

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Writing for CAC magazine

Hi All,
I'm now writing for Canada Arts Connect magazine!!!! My first article will be posted in the next few days. Check it out........

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Parkshow Spring 2011....

I have 3 pieces up for auction at Arrata Opera Centre in Calgary on March 12. Starts at 8 pm, come check it out!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Great BIG smalls VI
December 1 ~ 31, 2010
Preview Day Wed. Dec.1, 10-30 - 6pm
Opening Party, First Thursday: Dec.2, 5pm - 11pm


Cube Gallery, 1285 Wellington West, is pleased to announce that our wildly popular Great BIG Smalls Show is back for a sixth year.
This is a seasonal group art show, this year featuring nearly 60 artists and 200 works of art.
Plan to arrive on the first day for what has become one of Cube’s most anticipated annual events
specializing in unique, intimate gifts of original art for the discerning kids and adults on your Christmas list.
Art – the gift that will appreciate and be appreciated for a lifetime.

Adrienne Herron, Aili Kurtis, Alison Smith-Welsh, Andrew Hind, Andrew O'Malley, Anne Barkley, Becca Wallace, Beth Levin, Betty Connelly, Christine Granger, Cynthia O'Brien, Dan Austin, Doug Cosbie, Eric Walker, Gordon Wallace, Gerald Trottier, Greg Manley, Greg Wellington, Janet Moore, Jean Jewer, Jenifer Lapierre, Jennifer Gibbs, Joyce Burkholder, Juliana McDonald, Karen Goetzinger, Karina Kraenzle, Katherine McNenly, Katrin Smith, Kathy Haycock, Keith Bell, Kristy Gordon, Lindsay MacKay, Marc Brzustowski, Marcel Guldemond, Mark Seabrook, MaryAnn Camps, Mary Wong, Megan Hinton, Meghan Hildebrand, Meghan Myres, Monika Seidenbusch, Natasha Henderson, Nicole BĂ©langer, Norman Takeuchi, Patti Normand, Paul Wing, M (Peggy) Hughes, Rebecca Mason, Reid McLachlan, Russell Yuristy, Serge Duguay, Susan Ukkola, Teresa Rozkiewicz, Tony Clark, Victoria Wonnacott, and Violeta Borisonik


Cube Gallery
1285 Wellington St. W. Ottawa, K1Y 3A8
613 728 1750 ~ 613 728 2111

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


No matter who you are it's pretty likely as a Canadian or an American kid that you've played Monopoly and there's always that one kid you don't want to be the banker 'cause you know he some how managed to end up with more properties or cash. Playing Monopoly is probably the first time you realize that no one wants to go to jail and it sucks when you get there. Games like this are timeless and I can't believe no one thought of making a Canadian version of Monopoly earlier. You've played with your parents, siblings and friends and I personally think it's pretty cool that we now have a Canadian version.

We all knew that in the latest version of Monopoly with Canadian cities that Toronto and Montreal would make the cut. We did. Ottawa being the Capital was a give in as well but who knew Gatineau, Quebec would make the cut. Hold on one second, let me have a moment of cheer, Gatineau, Quebec had enough pride and as a result votes to make it on the board. I'm having a how cool is that moment. On top of having my current place of residence up, my family must be very happy to know that North Bay, Ontario made it up as well, who knew? I would've put my money on Halifax.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hi Everyone,
The time has come that I am dividing my personal twitter account from my photography.
If you would like to get more info and updates on my photography please follow me on twitter @Photog_ontherun

Hi Everyone,
The time has come that I am dividing my personal twitter account from my photography.
If you would like to get more info and updates on my photography please follow me on twitter @Photog_ontherun


Monday, June 14, 2010

Ottawa Ferrari Festival

It's the Ottawa Ferrari Festival this weekend and who doesn't love to see a Ferrari?

The money goes to a good cause, here's the video of last year's event

Future reference, I'll take mine in red.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oil Spill

There's so many videos like this available to watch but the point is that there is something we can do and although it may not stop it completely, it may prevent it from spreading. All you need is hair and maybe a chat with your barber or hair salon!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Street Jazz

Check Out this video, Street Jazz with Renee Yoxon and Alex Moxon.